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Submitted by shahimermaid on Tue, 2012-05-01 09:56
due on Sat, 2012-05-05 09:55
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Submitted by shahimermaid on Tue, 2012-05-01 09:57
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the answer is explained in the simplest way

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xxx 1-0.83 x .17/2 = xxxxxx then xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxx from xxxxx xx xxxx

xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx


xx xxxxxx +0.821)/2= 0.753

xxx xxxxxx x=330, 95% xxxxxxxxxx

p hat xxxxxxxx =0.6

xxxxxx of error x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1.96 x sqrt (0.6x0.4/550)

The margin of error xxxxxxxx (Round xx xxxx decimal xxxxxx as xxxxxxxx

Q4) xxxxxx xxxx , xxx confidence

x hat = xxx = 35/500 x 0.07

Margin of xxxxx = (z_alpha/2)*sqrt(p-hat*q-hat/n) x 1.645*sqrt(.07*.03/500) x xxxxxxx

.07 x xxxxxxxx < x < .07 x .0.00329

0.068 < x < xxxxx

xxx Margin xx error: xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx level xxxx p xxx q unknown

n=(1.645/0.05 xxx x xxxx xxxxxx up xx the nearest integer.)

Q6) xxxx xxx conditions xxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxx confidence xxxxx xx xxxx the xxxxxx xxxx is n=115, and σ=15

E= xxxxx x 15/√115 =3.519

xxx n= 46 college xxxxxxxxx , xxxxx x, of xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx construct x 95% xxxxxxxxxx interval xxx estimating xxx xxxxxxxxxx mean xxx

x xxxxxx <µ<$ xxxxxxxxxxxx to xxx nearest integer xx needed.)

xxx xxxxxx of error: xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 95%, σ=2.2 inches

xx xxxxx x 2.2/0.2)^2 = 465

A confidence level of 95% requires a xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx of xxx

xxx The point estimate xx xxx population mean xx xx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx is xxxxxxx

xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx the population mean µ? Mean= 136.3, n=14, xxx 13

129.5 <xx<xxxxx xxxxxx to one decimal xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx

Q11) n x (2.515 x xxxxxxx xxx


xxxxxxxxxxxxx area=0.4505x x xxxx

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