Assignment 1:
Ethics Journal: Describe a time when you experienced anomie in an organization. What factors led to your feelings of powerlessness and alienation? How did anomie influence your behavior? should be written in regular and simple english. Everything must be original. APA format. give simple experiences of anomie.
References must be cited in APA. 250 words 
Assignment 2:
Organizational Ethical Climate Analysis & Recommendations & Presentation: Analyze the ethical climate of the General Motors,  in which you are involved at least 5 hours per week.  Prepare a 10-12 page (double spaced, 12 point font) written report of your analysis that incorporates the ethical models.  In your paper, consider the following questions:  How would you classify the organization’s ethical orientation? What stage of moral development is it in? Overall, would you characterize the climate as positive or negative? Why? What factors shape the moral atmosphere? What role have leaders played in its formation and maintenance? What steps does the organization take to deal with misbehavior's or unethical practices? Does the organization consider both means and ends? How does the group’s structure reinforce (or fail to reinforce) espoused values and ethical behavior? What inconsistencies do you note?  What specific recommendations do you have for the organization to build ethical capacity through assessment, support, and challenge? Your report should be formatted as though you would present it to your organization. Use headings to denote each idea. This should be written in third person. Additionally, you will present the highlights of your report in a Powerpoint presentation. Detail the notes in the notes area below the slidePLEASE REVIEW YOUR APA FORMATTING GUIDELINES.
Communication development plan and power point presentation on General Motors Corporation should not contain any similarity, plagiarism. Each paper of report and presentation slide must be original. Each question from above paragraph should be answered in the report of 12 pages and 10 slides. Each and every word should be in simple and regular English. It must be in your own words. Presentation slides must sound professional. Report should be original too. full APA format must be implemented.
Full references and citation must be given in end of the report and in last slide of the presentation.  
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