Comparison Essay Prompt
Arguably, internet searches are one of the most common reasons we go online.  It seems simple enough: type in what you're looking for, and in return you get a (long!) list of possible websites that contain answers.

Yet we've all experienced frustration in the search process, when we can't find what we want easily, though we know it exists somewhere.

This essay will give us the opportunity to practice some advanced search techniques that we may not have used before.  Our goal will be to try out two new techniques.  Specifically, we will search out information about our dream jobs--two careers we may hope to one day attain.  (If you're independently wealthy and just in school for the fun of things, you're welcome to consider ideal volunteer positions rather than careers...) 

We will try several of these strategies as homework assignments throughout this module.  You will pick two to focus on specifically in your essay, from these options:

a basic Google search
a guided Google search
a Google Scholar search
a database search

Essay Requirements:
This essay should be at least 750 words (about 3 pages double-spaced, depending on your font size). Your essay should also include a title.  We will be incorporating ??? style & citation elements into this essay--more on this to come.

This will be a thesis-driven essay, meaning that your essay will need to include a statement that indicates which career is better. Assume that your readers are people like yourself who are interested in the same careers.


All of the assignments leading up to the final essay due date will help you build the essay in small pieces, so as to minimize the stress level of completing this task.

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