Please response to (ALL QUESTIONS BELOW) the following questions and statements.  (Your response should be in a single space half space 1 paragraph for each question)
Question # 1 Module 1 - Discussion Board
INSTRUCTION>NOTE;  Please Choose only 1 question(ONLY 1 question)  below and answer directely under that question. Please rewrite the question and answer under that question.
Consider the idea of chivalry in the criminal justice system.  Do you think chivalry exists?  Why or why not?  Defend your view with examples.  Do you think gender expectations influence our treatment of female offenders?  Why or why not?
Should infants and small children be allowed to stay with their incarcerated mothers?  What are the advantages and disadvantages to maintaining a relationship with an incarcerated caregiver?  What steps, if any, should correctional institutions take to preserve the mother-child bond?  Finally, are we demonstrating unfair gender bias by discussing this issue as it relates to female inmates and not to male inmates?

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