The dominant group places the blame for disadvantage on the disadvantaged, based on assumptions about group characteristics such as lack of motivation, cultural preferences, or other victim-blaming ideas. On the other side, resistance to change and a seeming refusal to open the doors of opportunity are interpreted as racist or sexist attempts to deny dominant group members their rights, strategies to oppress and exploit them, or simple hatred. While arguments for and against both sides can be made, none are very useful in addressing the real issue – inequality itself, and its costs to the society at large.

You live in a middle class suburban area in the northeastern portion of the U.S.

A building planning board has been approached to have a federally-funded homeless shelter in a suburban town. Advocates for the shelter presented architectural plans for a five-story building that would contain 200 hotel-style rooms. This shelter would provide privacy and dignity to those who were homeless. The advocates noted that most of the homeless population in the area is comprised of women and children. In addition, most of the homeless belong to a group called the working poor. They are working but do not earn enough income to afford housing. The board will be meeting today to decide the approval of the shelter.


•  As the leader of this team, you need to state your position and explain your reasoning.

•  Your statement will impact the final decision 100%.

•  Please state your answer and defend your position in a two-paragraph submission. Post your submission to the "Board Meeting" graded discussion.

-Key Players

I have come a long way in my life and I do not feel we should be supporting those who need a handout. Most of the homeless are lazy and did not earn a high school diploma.

I think women need to think before having children. I understand that most of the people who need this service are women and children but it is their own fault for not using birth control. Is it our job to take care of these people due to their lack of foresight and responsibility?

I know what you are saying but everyone gets down at some point in his or her life. Some people actually break out of the homeless lifestyle once they have some stability in their lives. This shelter may provide that and allow them to get a better job where they can afford their own place.

I think this may bring down our property values. I know we would be receiving a federal rebate every year but who would want to buy our homes because we have a shelter?

What about our schools? I understand that we would be receiving government funds to expand our schools and hire more teachers, but what kind of children will our own kids be associating with on a daily basis?

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