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"Professional Legal Issues with Medical and Nursing Professionals"  Please respond to the following:


* From the scenario, analyze the different and overlapping general roles of physicians and nurses as they apply to professional credentialing and subsequent patient safety and satisfaction. Determine the major ways in which these overlapping roles may help play a part in health professional credentialing processes and conduct, and identify and analyze the ethical role these influences play in health care.




Analyze the major professional roles played by physicians and nurses as they apply to physicians’ conduct in the medical arena and to nurses in the role of adjuncts to physicians. Evaluate the degree and quality of care that physicians, nurses, and medical technologists provide in their primary roles, including, but not limited to, patient safety and satisfaction as required in 21st Century U.S. hospitals.


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HSA 515 WEEK 5

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Running head: POWER xx xxxxxxxxxxx x

xxxxx OF xxxxxxxxxxx 2

Power xx observation

xxxxxxx’s Name

xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx


xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx

A xxxxxxxxx xxx to xxxxxx x medical school, residency, xxxxxxxxxx xxx get x xxxxxxx to carryout xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx qualifications, have xxxxxxxxxx coverage, be obtainable to xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx to xxxx on medical xxxxxxxxxxxxx and or xxxxx committees. xxxxxxxxxx identify xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx decide which xxxxxxxx a xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx keep adequate records, xxx establishes when a xxxxxxx xx to xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx be licensed. They make sure that the xxxxxx xx physicians xxx given xx xxxxxxxx xxxx as giving xxx xxxxx given xx physicians, xxxxxx xxx xxxx of xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx physicians xx modifications in x patient’s falls and conditions, and xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx as xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx make sure xxxx patients are xxxxxxxxx and xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx they xxx getting. Improved xxxx of xxxxxxxx xxx be calculated xx less xxxxxxxxx (omissions, medication xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx of xxxxx less come xxxx visits to the health centre, crisis department, xx serious xxxx unit. xxxxxx patient satisfaction

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