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Please respond to the following in at least 300 words or less.


From the e-Activity, analyze the mission statement of the selected organization. Determine two characteristics or components of the mission statement that you believe are most aligned with the organization's directional strategy. Justify your response.




From the e-Activity, review the organization's values statement (Note: This statement might also be labeled as guiding principles, philosophy, or ethics). Suggest two ways in which the organization can demonstrate its values or philosophy through delivery of its services

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HSA 599 Discussion Question 1

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xxxxxxx xxxxx MISSION AND VALUE xxxxxxxxxxxx


Mission xxx value xxxxxxxxxx

Student’x xxxx

xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx and xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx the mission xxxxxxxxx xx xxx selected xxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxx Coca-Cola xxxxxxx is a xxxxx company based xx the xxxxxx xxxxxxx The mission xxxxxxxxx of this xxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx optimism xxx xxxxxxxxxx creating xxxxx and making a xxxxxxxxxx (Coca-Cola, 2015).This xxxxxxx statement is xxxx suited xx the xxxxxxxx Its first xxxxxxxxxx refreshing xxx xxxxx describes xxx company’x xxxx aim xx making xxxxxxx When one xxxxx a drink xxxxxx on x xxx xxx or when people feel it’x the xxxxx time to, they feel refreshed. The xxxxx component, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx happiness xxx optimism xx xxxxx to imply xxxx coca xxxx drinks xxx xxxxxx to xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx This xxxxxxxxx is, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx because xxxxxx who might xxx have had xxx xxxxxxxxx drink

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