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HSA 535

Tuberculosis in the Work Environment"  Please respond to the following:

·         Imagine there has been a tuberculosis (TB) outbreak in your office building. Design a plan to address the prevention of TB in your particular work environment. Be specific.

·         Using the epidemiological foundation concepts of person, time and place, evaluate how you would investigate and report on the occurrence of TB in your workplace.

 Mad Cow Disease in the U.S."  Please respond to the following:

·         From the case study, evaluate the economic cost to the U.S. due to investigating Mad Cow Disease, and determine whether or not diligent monitoring can safeguard against damaging the U.S. meat supplies. Provide at least two (2) examples to support your rationale.

·         From the e-Activity, evaluate the cost of treating infectious diseases in the U.S. compared to the U.K., in terms of person, time, and place. Discuss the specifics of your findings, determining whether or not the economic cost is justified.



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HSA 535

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Running head: SCIENCE xxxxxxxx 1

xxxxxxx homework

xxxxxxx’x xxxx

University xxxxxxxxxxx

Science homework

Tuberculosis in xxx Work xxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx a xxxx to xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx of xx in xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx environment.

x xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx to xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx of xxx disease. My plan xxxx xxxxxx swift detection of the xxxxxxx infected xxxxxx xx xxx work environment, xxxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx treating xxx xxxxxx who are suspected xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx the disease.

Using xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx foundation concepts of xxxxxxx time and place, xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx investigate xxx xxxxxx on xxx occurrence of TB in xxxx xxxxxxxxxx

Investigation of xx occurrence xx xxx workplace is xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx from xxx fact that xx xxxxxxxx a lot of xxxxxxxxx which xxx interdependent and xxx xxxxxxx xxxx using incomplete data xxx xxxx time-consuming interventions. In xxx

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