the quesiton and insturction are down


Understanding business rules; Identifying entities and relationship; Crow’s Foot Entity Relation 
Diagram (ERD); Resolving M:N realioship; Forms; Reports. 
1. Given the following statement: A manufacturer suppliers goods to a variety of Vendors. A 
Vendor generally receives goods from many manufacturers. 
Extend the on the file i will attach to this ( i will send the datebase access sheet) to include the above statement in your design and design the ERD 
of the database in Visio. 
2. Create a form for the Product table. 
3. Create a report for the Product table. 
grade will be based on the quality of your design and presentation. 
What to turn in: The updated database and the visio file. 

so i need a visio file and access file for access i need you to create a form and report for each table i will send the databases sheet and designed it to look good 
and for visio i need you draw it and put the relation ship 1:m 
I specifically need it to be on access and Visio so two files shouldn't be too bad to do I will attche the file to this order too 
I need it in 2 days max 
thank you.

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