qrb pre quiz wk3


due in 1 hour


2. calculate the net price for 50 boxes of computer paper if the unit price is $12.15 and a single trade discount rate of 40%


3. one manufacturer needs to calculate the net price of an order with a list price of $900 and a trade discount series of 11/8/5. use the net decimal equivalent to find the price. the net price is?


8. if a man is paying his bills on june 16 and has an invoice dated june 10 with terms 4/10. n30. if the net price of the invoice is 1,296.72, what is the net amount the man will need to pay?


9. an invoice for $900 is dated oct 15 and has sales terms if 2/9 ROG. the merchandise arrives oct 20. how much is due if the bill is paid on november 4?


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