QNT561 QNT 561 Week 3 Practice Quiz Help

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  1. Which hypothesis the null or the alternative, is the  status quo hypothesis?
  2. A university economist conducted a study of elementary school lunch menus. During the state-mandated testing period, school lunches averaged 874 calories, the economist  claimed that  after the testing period
  3. Suppose the mean GPA of all students graduating  from the university of Iowa in 1975 was 2.80. the registrar plans to look at records of students graduating in 2005 to see if mean GPA has changes. define notation and state the null and alternative hypotheses for this investigation
  4. A random sample of 100 observations from  a population with standard deviation 55 yielded a sample mean of 110  Complete parts a through c
  5. The final scores of games of a certain sport were compared against the final point spreads established by oddsmakers.  The difference between the game outcome and point spread (called a point-spread error)
  6. If a hypothesis test  were conducted using c = 0.05, for which of the following p-values would the null hypothesis be rejected?
  7. For the c and observed significance level(p-value) pair, indicate whether the null hypothesis will be rejected
  8. In a test of hypothesis H0  u = 80 versus  Ha u = 80 a sample of n = 50 observations possessed mean xbar  = 80.7 and standard deviaton s = 3.7   Find the p value of the test
  9. In a study it was found that the average age of cable TV shoppers was 50 years. Suppose you want to test the null hypothesis  H0  u = 50, using a sample of n = 50  cable TV shoppers
  10. A sample of eight  measurements, randomly selected from a normally distributed population, resulted in summary statistics xbar = 6.9 and s = 1.1 Complete parts a through c
  11. A study analyses recent incidents involving terrorists attacks. Data on the number of individual suicide bombings that occurred in each of 20 sampled terrorists group attacks
  12. When planning for a new forest road for tree harvesting, planners must select the location to minimize a tractor skidding distance
  13. For the binomial sample sizes and null-hypothesized values of p in each part, determine whether the sample size is large enough to meet the required conditions for using the normal approximation
  14. Suppose a consumer group rated  42 brands of toothpaste based on whether or not the brand carries an American Dental Association seal verifying effective decay prevention
  15. In order to compare the means of two populations, independent random samples of 405 observations are selected from each population with the results found in the table to the right
  16. To use the t-statistic to test for a difference between the means of two populations, what assumptions must me made about the two populations?  About the two samples?
  17. Independent random samples from normal populations produced the results shown in the table to the right Complete parts a through d
  18. Independent random samples are selected from two populations and are used to test the Hyopthesis H0   (u1 – u2) = 0 against the alternative  Ha (u1  - u2) = 0 An analysis of
  19. A study was done to examine whether the perception of service quality at hotels differed by gender. Hotels were randomly selected to rate service items on a 5-point scale. The sum of the guest scores are provided in the table. Complete parts a and b.
  20. To determine if winning a certain award leads to a change in life expectancy, researchers sampled 742 award winners and matched each one with another person
  21. A new testing method was developed to reduce a certain ratio. The data in the table shows the ratios that resulted  from testing six components using the standard method and the new method.
  22. Consider making an inference about  p1 – p2 where there are  x1 successes in n1 binomial trials and x2 successes in n2 binomial trial
  23. Construct a 90% confidence interval for (p1 –p2) in each of the following situations.   A.  n1 = 400  p1 = 0.66, n2 = 400, p2  = 0.57
  24. In auction bidding the winners curse is the phenomenon of the winning (or highest) bid price being above the expected value of the item being auctioned. A study was conducted to see if less-experienced bidders were more likely to be impacted by the curse than super-experienced bidders.
  25. School bullying is a form of aggressive behavior that occurs when a student is exposed repeatedly to negative actions from another student. In order to study the effectiveness of an antibullying policy at elementary schools
  26. A study was conducted to study the demographics of two types of product managers, Independent samples of n1=92 consumer/commercial product managers and n2 = 212 industrial product managers took part in the study.
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    QNT561 QNT 561 Week 3 Practice Quiz Help

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