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Below is an overview of a fictitioud company and requirements of the homework.  Also see attached data.


Atwaters is a company based out of New York City that has been accused of age discriminating of employees with ages 40 and above.  In the information provided we will provided an overview of the company’s finding to see if the company is actually being unfair to those 40 and above or if the allegations are false.  The data will provide a list of employees with either an A or a T along with their age.  In this finding we will use A as employees that have received special treatment and T for those employees that have not been as fortunate.

In this case the age data will serve as the independent or predictor variable and the status outcome will be the dependent variable.  Since the purpose of the study is to determine if age discrimination has occurred using the age and the variables used to designate special treatment vs. not as fortunate, we will test for correlation between these two variables. 
Requirements:   Sampling Design  - Create a paper of no more than 700 words.


Use the scenario above  and the two variables:  1) age data as the independent and 2) status outcome will be the dependent variable.   The Hypothesis is:  there is a significant difference based on the status. 


The goal is to submit a random sampling plan in such detail that another researcher could replicate the method.


Discuss the following:

(a) Population and size

(b) The target population and brief reasoning

(c) Sampling element which may be conducted through any of the following:

  • Data mining
  • Survey (If a survey is chosen, create a 5-10 question document), or
  • Observation

(d) The sample size


(e) Method of random sampling which may include:

  • Simple
  • Stratified
  • Systematic, or
  • Cluster

Calculate the sample size using a 95% confidence level, and a 5% margin of error. Place the calculation in the Appendix.

Discuss how validity (and reliability) will be achieved.

Explain how human subjects will be protected (if applicable).

Data collection

Explain how the data will be physically collected.

Explain where data will be stored and how it will be protected.






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