1. Out of the leading causes of death in the United States, which 4 are diet related?
  2. List the different classes of Nutrients.
  3. What does it mean to be a macronutrient? micronutrient? 
  4. Explain the concept of an essential nutrient?  Which nutrient is the most essential?  What are the 3 key factors that determine a substance as essential?
  5. A 6 foot tall man is approximately how many centimeters? (round to the nearest hundredth)
  6. A 6 foot tall man weighing 250 pounds is approximately how many kilograms? (round to the nearest tenth)  
    • For those of you advancing in the health industry, it is important to begin practicing the metric system.  The medical/pharmaceutical industry uses length in meters, weight in grams and volume in liters, etc.
  7. Kilocalorie (kcal) is the energy content of food. In order to calculate the energy content (kcal) of food we need to distinguish the energy differences between the nutrients.  Fill in the blanks
    1. There are _____ kcal per 1 gram protein
    2. There are _____ kcal per 1 gram carbohydrate
    3. There are _____ kcal per 1 gram fat
    4. There are _____ kcal per 1 gram water
    5. There are _____ kcal per 1 gram vitamin
    6. There are _____ kcal per 1 gram mineral
    7. There are _____ kcal per 1 gram alcohol
    • If properly filled out, observe that the kcal content of alcohol is closer to fat than any other nutrient.  Therefore, alcohol is highly caloric and can pack on the weight!  Note: alcohol is not a nutrient.
  8. From this table calculate the following:
    1. 40 grams of carbohydrate = __________ kcal
    2. 40 grams of protein = _______________ kcal
    3. 40 grams of fat = ___________________ kcal
    4. 40 grams of alcohol = _______________ kcal
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