Public Policy/Government questions


4 questions, 1 page per question with 2 sources per question.


1.       1. Agenda setting can be a top-down or bottom-up process. What direction do you believe is generally favored in the policymaking process? Top down - "elites" in society observing a change or opportunity and thereby dictating policy down to lawmakers? Bottom up - citizens exercising their democratic voice and demanding change from those in leadership positions?


2.       2. Discuss lobbying reforms, including the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 and efforts under the Bush and Obama administrations. Will these reforms reduce the perceived corruption in lobbying activities?


3.       3. The United States has never adopted clear policy guidelines regarding the use of force. When is military intervention appropriate? Defend your position, including acknowledging the potential risks associated with your chosen scenario(s).


4.       4. Look at our current criminal justice policies. Do you believe they are "rational" and support the theory that crime is more frequent when deterrence is lax, and crime declines with the movement toward stricter deterrence policies? Use examples from your readings and your own research.


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