Public Policy Analysis



Your capstone project in the course is an individual research assignment on a public policy/federal law of your choice. We will call this project your Policy Paper which will be a formal research paper aimed at introducing and/or polishing your skills in the following: 


  •   Public policy research policy design, implementation, evaluation

  •   Understanding a federal law

  •   Effectively exploring and utilizing the library system for research

  •   Strengthening your academic and competitive writing skills

  •   Enhance your critical thinking skills
    Basic Structure of your Policy Analysis is the following (See Appendix One for

    further detail: Policy Paper Checklist)

    1. Description of the policy/law history and current situation

    2. Rationale for public policy market or government failure

    3. Analysis of policy’s efficacy

    4. Implementation

    5. Evaluation

    6. Recommendations


      1. Additionally, your Policy Analysis will be required to have a minimum of ten quality references (academic journal articles, leading books, relevant websites, etc.). The paper will be a 12-15 page narrative/report with a traditional title page, appropriate subheadings, standard formatting (double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, page numbers), parenthetical citations such as (Jasso, 2012, p. 35), a works cited page (you may call it a reference page), and any necessary appendices. We will use APA format. 

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