Research the agencies you would need to interact with to address the issues in the region—consider international, domestic, public, private, et cetera.
In your Public Health Agencies assignment:
•    Examine the agencies you feel could help solve the public health issue you have chosen. Be sure to include at least one international agency in your list.
•    Evaluate the advocacy role in regard to public health that they have played in the past to determine how they could assist with your issue.
•    Identify opportunities to leverage global, national, and local public health resources by specifying what contribution you would hope each agency would make.
•    Explain how you would build support for your public health issue with those identified domestic and international agencies.
•    Describe how you could work in a collaborative manner with the agencies.
•    Identify any other resources, domestic or international, that support continuous development of public health systems, and that you could leverage to address your public health issue.

Your paper MUST NOT be less than 3 pages and contain 5 references.

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