I am trying to teach my dog Fido to sit. Everytime he sits, I give him a cookie. Before I can get the behavior perfectly every time, Fido wanders off and jumps in the nearby lake. What happened here?

a. I have become negatively reinforcing to my dog

b.  hexperiences sitting as punishment

c. he has become satiated on dog cookies

d. none of the above.

I believe it's "d" but am not sure


Phil notes that Dave until recently has been able to wear shoes for short periods of time. However, Dave's phobia has gotten worse lately. Phil thinks that

a. Dave's father has been around when Dave has been wearing shoes

b. removing his shoes reduces Dave's anxiety

c. removing his shoes is reinforcing to Dave

d. All of the above

I believe it's "d" but am not certain.


Thank you

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