Your response should be approximately 500 words and include specific examples (e.g., from your experiences or research). Be sure to cite any material that you have used from another source.


Work must be original. Submissions that are copied from other sources (not including appropriately cited quotes) will receive a grade of 0/10. Late submissions will receive a deduction of 2 points per day.


  1. Read chapter four in your textbook.
  2. Read the article Reading Facial Expressions of Emotion at
  3. Watch the TED TALKS video The Truth About Lying at
  4. Complete the Facial Expression Test at

  1. Discuss how body language and facial expressions can be critical in determining someone’s actions and inner states. Analyze the information presented on microexpressions and lying, and explain how understanding these concepts can influence your perception of others . Use specific examples to support your response. Write a conclusion that ties together your ideas.
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