Select a psychological disorder that you are likely to deal with in your chosen career. You may continue with the pretend client you used in your first two assignments. Write a three to ten (3–10) page report which specifically addresses all of the following:

Part A: Analysis and Integration - One Psychological Disorder

1.                 Name this disorder; symptoms of this disorder.

2.                 Specify the number of people or percentage of the population diagnosed with this disorder each year.

3.                 What are the suspected causes of this disorder?

4.                 Write a paragraph on how this diagnosis can be treated by each of the 4 major schools of psychotherapy(psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive and humanistic).

5.                 Which therapeutic approach do you think is best for this problem; why?

6.                 What kind of resistance would you expect in treating this kind of problem?

7.                 How useful would treatment of this problem be through group therapy and through family therapy? Why?

8.                 Discuss any dual diagnosis issues you think are likely with this diagnosis.

9.                 Explain the difference between a lay opinion and an educated professional opinion.

10.              What population (age, sex, ethnicity, etc.) are you likely to work with? As therapist, what ethical and/or cultural issues would you be most concerned about? How would you address them?

Part B: Report of Interventions using yourself as a client.

1.                 Report on the long-term effect of the “good news” Cognitive treatment from Units 1–3. Have you continued this practice after the assignment ended in Unit 3? What impact has this assignment had on your balance of positive and negative thoughts? What impact has this assignment had on other cognitive habits and/or other problems you have had?


2.                 Finally, please report on your intervention with your own procrastination issues. What opportunities arose during the last few weeks of this course to work on your own procrastination? What intervention did you use? How effective was your intervention? What did you learn from this experience?

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