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Psychological statistics: Research Design Questions

Psychological statistics: Research Design Questions

Suppose you are a researcher who wants to evaluate which type of course-delivery format (online, blended, or face-to-face) leads to the best performance in a psychological statistics class. In a paper, identify the following:

·         What is your research question? (Please remember to focus your study on the evaluation of the various types of course delivery for statistics courses.)

·         What is your hypothesis (both null and alternate)?

·         Is this a qualitative or quantitative design (based on type of variable collected) and why?

·         What would be an example of a variable for this study of course delivery formats that could be measured on a nominal scale? Ordinal scale? Interval scale? Ratio scale?

·         Once you have collected your data on the effectiveness of the various types of course delivery for a statistics course, would you use inferential or descriptive statistics and why?


·         Create a sample frequency distribution for one of the variables. Choose either a simple or grouped frequency distribution and explain your choice.

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Psychological statistics: Research Design Questions (Perfect and Plagiarism free)

body preview (9 words)

Psychological statistics: xxxxxxxx Design xxxxxxxxx (Perfect and Plagiarism free)

file1.docx preview (405 words)

Research Design xxxxxxxxx





Research xxxxxx Questions

Research xxxxxxxx

My xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx is “xxxxxxx ‘face to face’ xxxxxx delivery xxxxxx provides better student xxxxxxxxxxx as compared xx ‘xxxxxx’ xxx “blended” delivery xxxxxxx”


xxxx null xxxxxxxxxxx Face to xxxx xxxxxx delivery xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx or same performance scores xxxx xxxxxx formats.

xxxx alternate xxxxxxxxxxx Face to face format xxxxxxxx better xxxxxxxxxxx scores as compared xx xxxxxx format.

xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxx xx the collected xxxxxxxxx xxxx research xx x quantitative design xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx’ performance xxxxx in xxxxxxxxxx class xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx scores. Quantitative design xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx take xxx measurement xx counting xxx xxxxxx xx averages students for each of xxx course-delivery xxxxxxx Quantitative xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the practice xx collecting, xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx

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