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1.    Each student is required to write a brief paper (2-3 pages). Students may use the internet, library resources, and other media (must include and cite three references in addition to the Carlson et al. text book) to investigate a specific topic that is related but not identical to the course material. Papers should be typed (double spaced), saved as a Word document, and submitted to the professor via email. Be sure to reference the material you use (last name of author and year; or url address if web source). Do not cut and paste, but rather put the materials into your own words. Note: papers will be submitted to to check for proper citation of material and to assess for plagiarism. 


Choose only one (1) of the following topics for your paper:


Adolescent Gender Differences

Helping in Emergencies

How Attitudes Influence Elections

Are IQ Tests Culturally Biased

Emotional Intelligence

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