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Up at Arctic, there used to be tons of beautiful creatures living happy and enjoying the great weather. However, due to recent global warming and intense population growth, the temperature is heating up and ice is melting. One of the major risk is that polar bears are dying as they cannot move due to melting. Often times, they sink up due to not having ice in that region. Polar bears are keystone species and their existing is crucial for the whole ecosystem because if they die, not only they will vanish, but the overall population. Nowadays, polar bears are also being affected by business owners who are fracking oil closer to Arctic region, which is horrendous because the oil that they are fracking could result in spill. This then could create toughness for polar bears and their habitat. Polar bears are important to be protected because they maintain the overall ecosystem of other species and it would be unethical to let them extinct due to our selfishness.


The question is: How businesses affect ice melting specifically oil industry?

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