The project management proposal is a brief summary of your intention to do a specific research project. Your proposal must include the following components:

I. Introduction

1. Mock case chosen for your information technology planning document. (List the Case and Topic you have chosen to complete your Project Management document on).

2. Proposed title. (What is the Title of your research project/)

3. Introduction/overview. (Give a brief, 1 paragraph introduction on your topic).

II. Focus

1. Statement of your research question or problem. (What is your research question or problem you would like to explore)?

2. Purpose of your planning document. (Why are you researching this question or problem)?

III. Method

1. Proposed structural outline or plan. (How are you going to accomplish your goals to (create or improve) the current situation within your case)?

2. Statement describing the expected outcome. (What outcome are you hoping to accomplish at the end of this research project)?

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Project Management Proposal

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