Project 7 - Organization Security Plan


Choose an organization from the choices provided and prepare a security plan that provides security awareness policy using a security policy framework outline and according the Critical Infrastructure document which concentrates on the following integral keywords to cover the necessary elements of an organization security plan.  These are: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. The plan is a capstone of the work that you have accomplished in this course. You will use your outline to guide the outcome of the plan in addition to the keywords. The plan is an enterprise policy that includes the following considerations, analysis approach, and protections for the enterprise:


·        Identify threats and vulnerabilities.

·        Assign appropriate security controls to protect the infrastructure of the organization.

·        Prepare vulnerability scans and effective risk management protocols to ensure protections remain current and effective and detect any issues.

·        Initiate an incident response plan for responding to problems.

·        Develop a business continuity and disaster recovery plan to recover from interruptions in business whether manmade or geographical.


This plan must be completed and submitted in MS Word format. Choose from one of the organizations below or request approval from your instructor via email for an alternate organization:

·        Department of Defense

·        Department of Homeland Security

·        General Dynamics Information Technology

·        JC Penney’s Corporate Office

·        University of Maryland

·        ITT Technical Institute

·        United States Marine Corp

Your organization plan must be a comprehensive approach identifying the framework for enabling organizations to establish cybersecurity policy in the enterprise. Submit to your assignment folder by the due date assigned in your syllabus schedule.


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