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Project: Final Project


You are the Director of an Adult Learning Program at the One-Stop Education Community Center. Until recently, the Community Education Center offered an adult learning course in Computer Applications. This course was discontinued due to low enrollment numbers and course evaluations that highlighted adult student dissatisfaction.


A civic group has recently approached the One-Stop Community Education Center with members needing to improve their computer skills. The Community Education Center’s Executive Director has asked you to write a proposal on how this course may be reinstituted and improved to better serve adult learners. Your proposal and corresponding presentation will have a significant impact on the Board’s decision.

For the Final Project, you develop a proposal and a presentation. The proposal will be developed in sections throughout the course. Each section will be submitted in its appropriate week. In Week 10, you compile the sections into one proposal document, incorporating Instructor feedback. The following guidelines provide more explanation.






Identify specific details to prepare and submit a proposal for the upgraded class. Using the “Final Project Proposal Template” from the Learning Resources, your proposal must include the following items, all of which must relate back to adult learning concepts:


Executive Summary

·         Potential composition of the class

·         Important characteristics about adult learners


Historical Data and Information:

·         Student enrollment numbers

·         Student demographics (age range, cultural identity, and experience level of students—beginner, intermediate, advanced)


Course Elements

·         Updates and changes that need to be incorporated in the course to better serve adult learners

·         Rewritten course description to better market and attract the adult learner

·         Explain how you might best present the course for adult learners (e.g., group work, didactic information, media-based) and explain how your method of teaching this course incorporates the principles of adult learning theory.



·         Appropriate staffing needed to support adult learners. Explain why this staffing is important for adult learners and explain your recommendation.





·         Appropriate technology needed to enhance course delivery. Explain why this technology is useful for the adult learning population.



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body preview (1569 words)

One-Stop xxxxxxxxx Community xxxxxx

Executive summary

xxx institution xxxxxxxxx xxxxx has been offering xxxxxxxxx courses to xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxx were being xxxxxxx xx xxxx system xxx Computer xxxxxxxxxxx studies but xxxxxxxx this course was xxxxxxxx xx xxx school’s senate due to xxxxxxx turn-up xxx xxxxxxxxxx of the xxxx xxxxxxx All xx all, there xxx xxxx xx x group of xxxxxx who want xx xxx xxxxxxx xx this xxxx xxxxxxx and xxxx only xxxx xx xx formed xx the Computer xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx only. xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx has xx be xx a xxxxxxxx to facilitate the xxxxxxxxx xxxx sure xxx xxx xxxxxxxx resources xxx xxxxxxxx are at the disposal. xxxx importantly, there must xx a xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx is supposed xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx through xxx xxxxxxx Before xxx Senate xxxxxx re-launching xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx the course, facts, figures and xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx about the course has xx xx presented to xxxxx Also, the details xx how the institution used xx teach xxxx xxxxxx xx

- - - more text follows - - -

file1.doc preview (1591 words)

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Community xxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx summary

The xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx been xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxx xxxxxxxxx Among xxx xxxxxxx xxxx were being offered in xxxx system was xxxxxxxx Application studies but xxxxxxxx this xxxxxx xxx declined xx xxx xxxxxx’s senate xxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx enrollment xx xxx said xxxxxxx xxx in xxxx there has xxxx xx x group xx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx in xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx they xxxx xxxx xx be formed xx the xxxxxxxx Applications Course only. xxxx this, the xxxxxx xxx xx xx xx x xxxxxxxx to facilitate xxx students, xxxx xxxx xxx the xxxxxxxx resources xxx learning xxx at xxx disposal. Most importantly, there must be a xxxxxxxxx tutor(s) xxx xx supposed xx take xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the course. xxxxxx xxx Senate xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx detailed information about xxx course has to xx xxxxxxxxx xx them. Also, the details on xxx the xxxxxxxxxxx used xx xxxxx this xxxxxx xx

- - - more text follows - - -

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