INAL Project

This project is a comprehensive research paper addressing contemporary legal and ethical issues involved in the operation and administration of a correctional facility.


William Shakespeare is a 23 year old African-American male who has been arrested for possession of methamphetamines with intent to distribute. While William has used various illegal drugs in the past, he has no apparent signs of addiction and seemed sober at the time of his arrest. At his preliminary hearing William was denied bail. There is no evidence at this time indicating that William is affiliated with any "street gang." William was taken to the Virtual County Detention Center for pre-trail detention. His trial date is approximately 90 days from now.

1. Describe in detail what William can expect to experience during his initial pre-trial incarceration.
In light of the evidence available to prosecutors, William opted to accept a plea bargain. In return to pleading guilty the subordinate drug-related charges, William agreed to a sentence of incarceration in the Virtual State Penitentiary for a period of 4 years.

2. Describe in detail what William can expect to experience during his prison confinement.
Alternatively, when the judge heard the context of the William's plea agreement she opted to suspend the 4 years of incarceration and offered William 5 years of supervised probation.

3. Describe in detail what William can expect to experience during his probation in the community.
As it happened, William violated his probation agreement shortly after he returned to the community. The judge re-imposed the original sentence of 4 years of incarceration. William spent the next 30 months at the Virtual State Penitentiary at which time he was eligible for parole. His parole was granted by the Virtual Parole Board.

4. Describe in detail what William can expect to experience during his community-based supervision on parole. Specifically differentiate between this experience and his experience under item 3.


  1. Cover page (does not count toward page total): Include the title of the paper, your name, class title and date of submission.
  2. Papers must be a minimum of five (5) full pages, double-spaced, 12 font with 1 inch margins.
  3. Responses to the aforementioned items are to be composed in a narrative and not simply answer to each question. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate the student's understanding of corrections.
  4. A minimum of 2 outside sources are to be referenced in this project. Instructional material from the class or outside resources must be properly documented and cited using APA citation format in both the narrative and on the bibliography page.
  5. This bibliography page does not count toward the page total.
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