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Course Project Part 2: Peer Review - Reading and Responding to Draft Presentations


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Show Rubric


In your presentation, you must thoroughly describe to the audience the problem you have isolated and your proposed solution(s). The solution you propose should be supported with research and reasoning. You will need to analyze the results from your research and visually represent the data using graphs, charts, tables, etc.


The successful presentation will include written content, audio, visuals, and  at least 3 sources. Use all media necessary to convince your particular audience of your claim; the media may include but are not limited to PowerPoint, web site, or video. All media can be contained/housed within a PowerPoint presentation, but other presentation platforms are acceptable. If your presentation is a web site or housed on a presentation platform, provide a link rather than uploading a file.


As a general guideline, web sites should be at least three pages, videos should be 3-7 minutes, and PowerPoint presentations should include 10-15 slides.


Presentation Requirements


Your presentation should contain bulleted points and should be visually pleasing.


You may include your recorded narration into the presentation.


Consider your audience and use clip-art, animation, templates and fonts that best communicate the information.


Use original tables, charts, or graphs to present data from your research where appropriate.


Research your articles and books on the Internet and via the ECPI Online Library. You must use credible sources. Wikis and blogs are unacceptable sources. Create a References page to list your sources.


Peer Review


Next, review two of your peers’ proposals and provide them with feedback. Here are the questions you should address for each draft you review. Please copy the questions and write the answers underneath each question (it helps if you write your answers in a color other than black so that they are easy to distinguish from the questions). Also, feel free to provide additional commentary.


Finally, notice that I’m using "writer" here to describe the person who has created the presentation.


Does the presentation clearly state the writer’s goals? If not, how could the writer improve the presentation so that it does?


Does the presentation clearly state the problem that the writer has identified and the proposed solution(s)?  If not, how could the writer improve the presentation so that it does?


Evaluate the effectiveness of the writer's reasons in support of his or her assertions. Which reasons are believable and which are not believable? Why?


Does the writer use credible, professionally designed sources to illustrate support for his or her assertions?  Which source or sources are the most valuable to (supportive of) the writer's claim, goals, and reasons? Why?


What opposing viewpoint or viewpoints does the writer include?


Can you think of an opposing viewpoint or viewpoints that the writer should also include? (Remember that if readers have obvious opposing viewpoints, it is better for the writer to address them than to ignore them).


What rebuttal or rebuttals does the writer offer to the opposing viewpoint or viewpoints? Is the rebuttal or are the rebuttals effective? Why/why not? What can the writer do to improve the rebuttal or rebuttals?


Examine the way in which information from sources was integrated. Do the sources work to illustrate the claim? Is the writer in control of the sources, introducing them appropriately and integrating them smoothly into the presentation? (If not, make some suggestions.)


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