PROJ 587 Week 6 Quiz (Taken September 2014)

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1. Questions: (TCO D) As a project manager, dealing with conflict is part of the job. There are many sources of conflict; one source that is often overlooked is the manager. Based on the Week 4 reading and lecture, what major ways do people deal with conflict? Share a personal experience of conflict and how you dealt with the situation.
2. Questions: (TCO E) In order to have a high-performance team you must first recognize the qualities of a high-performance team. Describe at least five qualities of a high-performance team and then what can be done to develop those qualities in a team.
3. Questions: (TCO F) The PMI® Code of Ethics is made up of four areas: responsibility, honesty, respect, and fairness. Discuss the area of responsibility and what it means for you, the project manager.
4. Questions: (TCO F) When developing a stakeholder matrix, the portfolio manager must look at the portfolio governance in order to complete the stakeholder analysis. In your own words, what is the role, interest and expectations of the governance?

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    PROJ 587 Week 6 Quiz (Taken September 2014)

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