Programs for Military Families


Programs for Military Families

There are many programs for military families, but more services are necessary to truly meet the needs of military personnel, veterans, or their families. As you have learned about military culture and the needs of military personnel and their families, you may have gained insight into the types of programs that could support them. This week, you apply what you have learned about the needs of military families to your profession by designing a program relevant to those needs.


Consider this scenario: You are a helping professional asked to design a program to help support military families in one of the following four areas:


  • Combat-Injured Families
  • Deployment-Reintegration Cycle
  • Sexual Assault and Harassment
  • Domestic Violence


Select one of these areas to address in this Assignment.


Submit by Day 7 a 4- to 5-page paper in which you accomplish the following:


  • Describe the topic you selected and explain what you find most interesting about the topic.
  • Describe issues related to this topic including common challenges and stressors associated with it that might cause military families to need services.
  • Identify what demographic information you would need to know and why this information is critical in forming a program.
  • Describe the skills and sensitivities you would need to be able to develop this program.
  • Explain what elements of military culture you would need to take into account as you develop the program.
  • Explain your design for a resource program to address the needs and issues you have identified. Include how your particular program design would support military families.


Be specific in your answers and provide examples. Cite the resources and any additional resources you use. Be sure to follow APA guidelines in your research, writing, and citation.

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