Profit and loss statement paper


University of Phoniex BSA 310

Assignment Preparation: Activities include completing the SkillSoft® course, watching the® videos, Toolwire®, independent student reading, and research.


Complete the Skillsoft® course, "Principles of Accounting and Finance for Non-financial Professionals."


Watch the® video, "Financial Literacy: Reading Financial Reports."



Profit and Loss Statement Paper


Write a 1000-1500 word paper describing the most recent Profit and Loss statement (Income Statement) for one of the following Virtual Organizations:


  • Riordan
  • Huffman
  • Describe the most important line items (examples of line items are Revenue/sales, Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Profit, Net Profit, expenses, etc.)
  • Describe the past, current, and projected future financial health of the company based on those important line items
  • Answer the questions "Would you invest in this company"" and "Why or why not?"
  • Please use appropriate external citations and references (minimum of 3), in addition to including references to the required readings (or virtual organizations) where relevant, within the assignment. Be sure citations and references follow the University of Phoenix      approved style guide format (the Written Assignments Guidelines, along with properly cited APA references). Please Note: Dictionary and Encyclopedia citations and references will not count towards your reference/citation count.
  • Please run your final submission of your paper through the Center for Writing Excellence -Plag iarism Checker and attach the summary report to the end of your paper (after the Reference page).  .
  • For additional information on the required contents of this paper, please pay close attention to the grading rubric and be sure you address all the points on it.  If you organize your paper around the main points above and the main points from the grading rubric,it will be much more successful. Think of the grading rubric as a checklist for you to use to verify that you have covered all the requirements of the paper.
  • It's very important that you use headings to break down the different sections of your paper.  Doing so will help ensure that all the main points are covered, and that the instructor recognizes them.

  For this assignment the following should occur:

  • Post your completed paper as a properly formatted assignment (Title page, Content, References and Plagiarism Summary Report (only the content section counts towards the 1000-1500 word length of the paper) as a Word document to the Assignments section for grading purposes.
  • Please use headings for the different sections of the assignment, so that I can be sure I give you credit for covering each point.
  • Please follow the attached grading rubic.
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