421 Essay titles

 Please see the syllabus for additional details concerning length and due dates. Papers should be written double-spaced and in APA format. (For APA details see:

Choose one title from the following:

1.     Describe and evaluate some of the major factors that have been influencing the supply and demand for food in recent years. What are the main reasons for some of these factors? You could include such topics as food scarcity, food prices and volatility.

2.     Discuss the important aspects of food related to a religion with which you are familiar.

3.     Evaluate the factors that influence food habits and culture.

4.     Explain the rationale behind “California cuisine”. Assess the role of different chefs in the development of California cuisine.

5.     Present a reasoned argument for and against the fast food industry in the US. You may include the advantages such as economic and social advantages, along with the disadvantages including increases in obesity, types of employment, etc.

6.     Should the fast food industry be regulated in a similar manner to the tobacco industry? Explain the factors behind your reasoning.

7.     In your view, how sustainable is the so called “western diet”

8.     Describe and evaluate Native Americans’ perspectives on life. This may be from a particular tribe or more generally.  You may include such aspects of the environment, health, the family, religion and diet.

9.     Describe some of the most important changes that have taken place in wine production in the new and old world over the past three to four decades.

10.  Evaluate the major effects that prohibition had for the American wine industry

11.  What were the major effects of the Judgment of Paris of 1976 on Californian wines?

12.  Taste a sample wine and use the deductive tasting structure explained in class. Comment specifically on clarity, brightness and other color characteristics, along with the nose and the palette. Give details of the grape varity(ies), vintage, producer etc. Does the wine have the characteristics discussed in class? Which types of food would you recommend to compliment/contrast with the wine? (Note you must be of legal age to be able to consume alcohol (21 years old) and to complete this assignment.

13.  Explain some of the norms with food and wine pairing and put together a sample menu showing dishes with the wines chosen. Explain your reasoning behind the choice of wines for the food. Are they meant to complement or contrast the food? This could be a classical menu, fusion food or food from your own country.

14.  Evaluate one of the new food movements such as FRESH!, slow food, raw food, etc. Amongst other things you may explain the aims and objectives of their organization, the method of getting their message across, the prime prospects for the organization and future direction of the movement.

15.  Investigate urban farming. Outline some examples and evaluate the major advantages and disadvantages of urban farming.

(3) Essays

Two essays are required during the semester. The dates are shown on the course outline. A Listing of essay titles will be provided on ilearn. You may choose to write your two essays from any of the titles on the list. Please note the list often deals with content of lectures, so the later titles will deal with material that is covered later in the course.

The paper must be a formal research paper of at least 3 pages (not counting the title and reference pages). The final paper/project writing format must follow the APA (American Psychological Association) writing style. Please follow the formatting as outlined on the Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab:

o   The following links will provide basic video instructions to proper formatting of your paper:

o   APA Formatting - The Basics:

o   APA Formatting: Reference List Basics:

o   Each paper must be grammatically correct and free from spelling mistakes

o   It should be properly researched and contain a reference page (please use good quality sources, and not just Wikipedia).

o   Grading rubric for HTM 421 Essays

o   The Superior Paper (A/A-)

o   Structure: Evident, understandable, appropriate. Paragraphs support solid topic sentences.

o   Use of evidence: Information obtained from a diverse range of high quality references (Scholarly/peer-reviewed journals if appropriate) Excellent integration of quoted material into sentences. Interesting ideas

o   Analysis: Author demonstrates examples of analytic skills (for example not just presenting statistics and data, but drawing meaningful conclusions from them)

o   Logic and argumentation: All ideas in the paper flow logically; the argument is identifiable, reasonable, and sound. Author anticipates and successfully defuses counter-arguments;

o   Mechanics: Sentence structure, grammar, and diction excellent; correct use of punctuation and citation style; minimal to no spelling errors; citation style always used  correctly.

o   The Good Paper (B+/B)

o   Structure: Generally clear and appropriate, though may wander occasionally. May have a few paragraphs without strong topic sentences.

o   Use of evidence: Examples used to support most points. Some evidence does not support point, or may appear where inappropriate. Quotes well integrated into sentences. Information obtained from a few quality references (journals if appropriate)

o   Analysis: Evidence is presented and discussed though links may not perhaps always be very clear.

o   Logic and argumentation: Argument of paper is clear, usually flows logically and makes sense. Some evidence that counter-arguments acknowledged, though perhaps not addressed. Occasional insightful connections to outside material made.

o   Mechanics: Sentence structure and grammar, strong despite occasional lapses; punctuation and citation style often used correctly. Some (minor) spelling errors.

o   The Borderline Paper (B-/C+)

o   Structure: Generally unclear, often wanders or jumps around. Few or weak transitions, many paragraphs without topic sentences.

o   Use of evidence: Examples used to support some points. Points often lack supporting evidence, or evidence used where inappropriate (often because there may be no clear point). Quotes may be poorly integrated into sentences. Sources mainly from easily accessible Internet sites but with general rather than scientific basis.

o   Analysis: Quotes appear often without analysis or analysis offers nothing beyond the quote.

o   Logic and argumentation: Logic may often fail, or argument may often be unclear. May not address counter-arguments or make any outside connections.

o   Mechanics: Problems in sentence structure and grammar (usually not major). Errors in punctuation, citation style, and spelling.

o   The "Needs Help" Paper (C/C-)

o   Structure: Unclear, often because topic is weak or non-existent. Language confusing and unclear. Few topic sentences.

o   Use of evidence: Very few or very weak examples. General failure to support statements, or evidence seems to support no statement. Quotes not integrated into sentences; "plopped in" in improper manner. Only 1-2 internet sources and reliant on “wikepdeia”.

o   Analysis: Very little or very weak attempt to relate evidence to argument; may be no identifiable argument, or no evidence to relate it to.

o   Logic and argumentation: Ideas do not flow at all, usually because there is no argument to support. Simplistic view of topic; no effort to grasp possible alternative views.

o   Mechanics: Big problems in sentence structure, grammar, and diction. Frequent major errors in citation style, punctuation, and spelling.

o   The Failing Paper (F)

o   Shows obviously minimal lack of effort or comprehension of the assignment. Very difficult to understand owing to major problems with mechanics, structure, and analysis. Shows little imagination or creativity in paper. Copies directly from other sources and does not attribute sources.


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