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For Professor Ryan--Total Quality Management Tools

Total Quality Management Tools

There are different types of total quality management (TQM) tools that can be used in quality management. These tools are useful in analyzing data and determining the methods of improving the quality process for an organization. Tools are selected based on the business requirements and the functions of the tool. In this discussion, you will explore the uses of some common total quality management tools.

Respond to the following:

*Describe each of the following total quality management tools and give an example of a situation or an environment in which it would be applicable:

      * Pareto chart

      * Check sheet

      * Histogram

      * Scatter diagram

      * Run chart

      * Control chart

      * Flowchart

      * Quality Function Deployment

*TQM tools are costly to implement, and there are concerns on their effectiveness. Have you come across a scenario, from your company or any other organization with which you are familiar, where TQM tools failed to bring the results for which they were implemented? If yes, describe the reasons for the failures of the effectiveness of these tools. If no, think of scenarios in which implementing TQM tools would be ineffective. Support your rationale with examples.


Need in-text citations and references in APA format and no wiki websites, please.

Submitted by Professor Ryan on Thu, 2013-10-10 18:37
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Total Quality Management Tools

body preview (76 words)

Total Quality Management xxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Total xxxxxxx management tools are of great importance xx xxxx in the xxxxxxxxxxxx xx data xx businesses xxx corporations that xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx quantitative data. xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxx improving xxx xxxxxxx of goods or services offered xx meet the needs of xxx customer. xxx improvement xx xxxxxxx of products and services should xx continuous. These xxxxx also facilitate and enhance xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx on real xxxxx (Nancy, R. 2004). 

file1.doc preview (1086 words)

Running head: TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT xxxxx � xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx �1� TOTAL xxxxxxx MANAGEMENT TOOLS � PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx Quality Management xxxxxx


Student’x Name

Total xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

Total quality management xxxxx are xx xxxxx importance xx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx data xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx corporations xxxx is xxxx qualitative and quantitative data. Its aimed xx enhancing and improving xxx quality xx goods xx services xxxxxxx to xxxx the needs xx the customer. The xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx These tools xxxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx informed decision xxxxxx xxxxx on xxxx facts xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx different xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx purposes;

xxxxxxxxx Chart

xxx chart xx composed of xxxx xxx xxx xxx the xxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.doc preview (1093 words)

Running head: TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT xxxxx � xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx MANAGEMENT TOOLS � PAGE xx MERGEFORMAT �2�

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx


xxxxxxxxxxx’x xxxxx

Total Quality Management Tools

xxxxxx quality management tools xxx of great importance to xxxx xx xxx organization of data in businesses and xxxxxxxxxxxx that is both qualitative xxx quantitative xxxxx xxx aimed at xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx the quality xx xxxxx xx services offered xx xxxx the needs of xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx quality xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx tools xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx decision xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx (Nancy, xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx quality management tools xxxxx the following purposes;

xxxxxxxxx Chart

x xxx xxxxx xx composed xx both xxx bar xxx xxx line

- - - more text follows - - -

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