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 Hi MY dear okay here you go the instructions for this assignment :

 1- Please read the first Three chapter for book Wheels in the head   Education and the Authoritarian State, Education and the Modern Authoritarian State pg. 27, and Authority and Education in a Democratic State .

Then please Follow this questions to be able to write this reflection and ONE Paper Abstract 

  1. 1. Reflection on Autocratic and Democratic Forms of Education
  2. Instructions.

     no more than 750 words please respond to these questions.

    1. Which concepts did you find most interesting?

    2. How are these influencing your thinking about American schooling?

    3. How might an understanding of this material help us to solve an issue in our school system? 

    Please use at least three references in APA format. 

    Please create a one paragraph abstract of your reflection and post it to the blog for this section

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