Professional Development Plan


Write a professional development plan for your chosen organization based on the information learned in all weeks of this course.

Share your presentation from Week 4 with the Learning Team after the due date for the individual assignment passes so the team may hear your pitch or reasons why or why not to use a particular delivery method.  

Incorporate the needs analysis, evaluation criteria, and one delivery method for the training program.

The PDP must not exceed 2,450 words and must include the following:

  • Needs Analysis (modified based on feedback from Week 3)
  • Organizational Analysis (modified based on feedback from Week 3)
  • Team analysis (modified based on feedback from Week 3)
  • Task analysis (modified based on feedback from Week 3)
  • Learning objectives outlining what material is covered
  • Appropriate delivery method
  • Delivery methods might include but are not limited to classroom, video conference, conference call, Web-based, or podcasts.
  • The plan must be focused on one delivery method but may combine up to two methods.
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Measures and collection points
  • Timeframe
  • Expected results quantifying success, failure, and an in-between outcome
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