PROF CHANDNI health informatics part two


;Application; Decision support systems.To prepare for this Application Assigment,review this weeks reading and wesites.Then pick one Scenario below to address for this weeks application.

Construct a convincing argument in 800-900 words that explains the benefits and the challenges of using a CDS in the clinical situation you choose.Use your reading to support your rationale.

the following three scenarios depicts examples of the use toCDS (Health care information and management system2012 Retrieved from


You are a nurse on a busy surgery unit in an acute care hospital.Everytime you administer a medication,you are required to scan the bar codes of your patient's wristband and the medication.Occasionally,this process prompts an alert that the medication you are about to administer is contra-indicated for your patient.


you are a primary care physician in a large group practice that uses an electronic health records(EHR). At the beginning of each visit you view a dashboard to preventive care measures-like flu vaccine, colon cancer screening,cholesterol tests,that are due for your patient, based on age, medical history(problem list),and medication list stored in the EHR.


You are a care manager in an emergency department.Thirty patients are in the unit right now, and new lab results, imaging studies, and orders are constantly being post on all of them you have a visual "air traffic" tracking display which shows which patients have not been seen yet,which have new orders to process, which have abnormal lab results,which ones have been in the unit more than four hours,which have abnormal lab results, which ones have been in the unit more than four hours, which have inpatient beds ready, and more. your status display filters and reformats all the information to help you know where to direct you attention next.

Your written assignments must follow APA sure to support your work with specific citations and additional scholarly sources as appropriate.refer to the essantial guide to APA style for walden students to ensure your in-text citations and reference list are correct.

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