Problem based on Distance

Question 1:


Mohan travels 15 km 729 km by Bus, 7 km 8 m by car and 615 m by walk to reach office from his home. How far is his office from the residence?



Question 2:


Rahim bought 3m 60cm cloth for his shirt. Shopkeeper has cut the required cloth from a bundle of 50 m. How much cloth is remained with the shopkeeper?


Question 3:


Distance from Mumbai to Chennai is 1560 km. A person started journey from Mumbai to Chennai. He travelled 1135 km 867m by train. Remaining journey he completed by bus. How many km he travelled by bus?


Question 4:


Ram walked 8km 628 m towards school and met to Mohan. They together walked 3 km 382 m to reach the school. How far is Ram’s home from the school?

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