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Annotated Bibliographies


Instructions: Read Chapter 18 in the Axelrod & Cooper textbook (pg. 526).


·      Use standard MLA formatting.

·      Your annotated bibliography should include at least five sources.

·      At least one of those five sources must be academic, either a book or an academic journal article. Browse the library's database to look for possible sources.

·      After the citation of your source, write a 100-word explanation of why your source is credible and summarize the source's information.

·      The word count for this assignment is at least 500 words (100 words for each citation).


IMPORTANT: Use standard MLA format. For this particular assignment, the rhetorical situation demands that you format it properly. Just like scientists follow the scientific method perfectly, scholars also follow the same guidelines using MLA. In both situations, other people need to know what you, as the writer, have done to create your paper. So while scientists follow their own guidelines in order to allow other scientists to recreate the same experiment, scholars also need to be able to look at your sources and follow your argument. To do so, your first step is to format your sources using MLA style.

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