Pregnancy and Prenatal Development

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“The various assisted reproductive technologies (ART) give people chances to have children that didn’t exist years ago. How are opportunities afforded by ART examples of biopsychosocial interactions? Explain which plays a bigger role in fertility—nature or nurture.” (Fiore, 2011, )

You are to refer to, and apply, the steps of critical thinking to your response to demonstrate objectivity.

Remember: When responding you cannot use, “I,” “me,” “my,” “we,” “us”, “our.” This will cause you to think outside of yourself, and be more objective in expressing your thoughts and research information from the chapter and any other critical source you bring to the chapter.

You must synthesize chapter content and use citations to support your answer with a minimum of 750 words in APA format. Wikipedia is not a credible source, do not use it.

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    Pregnancy and Prenatal Development

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