Preemptive Strikes


We’ve read both sides of the issue of whether or not the United States is justified in conducting preemptive strikes. But really, this is about us making decisions for ourselves and justifying (or not) it to the rest of the world. For this week’s assignment, you will need to take off you “American” hat and take a new job at the United Nations. Your job is to create a standard – a set of conditions if you will – under which any nation in the world may conduct a preemptive attack. What would those conditions be?

Use the cases you’ve read to write condition more or less strict but you may not argue that there are no conditions. You will need to also use the United Nations Charter to see exactly where your standards would fit. The Charter can be found at

You should write this as an essay and not as a series of questions to answer. Do not use bullet points nor repeat the questions. Instead, write an essay that flows logically, integrating your answers through the essay.

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