Practicum Assignment in Health Science


Would anyone like to finish my paper that?? I have to do at least 15 more pages. Everything in Red and Blue needs to be completed. The red bascilly states what needs to be included and the blue needs to be changed to what we are doing the paper on like lung cancer and what presentation I am doing it on which will be a PowerPoint presentation. I am putting it up so if you would like to complete it since you started it send me a hand shake. All sections need to be completed. If you would also like to do my PowerPoint let me know. It is not a must because once the paper is complete I can work on that myself. But it may be easier for the person completing the assignment to do it and I will pay them for that also.

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  • Budget: $20
  • Would anyone like to finish my paper that I have previously started?? I need at least 10 more pages and a PowerPoint presentation done on the education of lung cancer. Everything in Red and Blue …