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The first semester long project for this course is the project creating a power point presentation on the history of sociologyIn this presentation, you will want to address the origins of sociology, the important early theorists and the theories contributed by them, and how sociology as a field of inquiry has evolved and progressed. You are free to add any elements to the power point that you want; video files, web links, audio files, etc.

Power Point Project Components

There are three parts to the Power Point Project; the outline, the annotated bibliography and the power point final submission. Each component has a corresponding assignment which is located both in the Assignments and Assessments folders in the Class Session folders for the weeks that the three components are due; Class Session 2, 6 and 12. The instructor will provide feedback and guidance after each of the first two submissions. All three components must be submitted in a timely fashion to receive a grade for the various power point project assignments.


  • You will need to decide what to include in the power point, and will then need to create an outline for the power point.
  • The outline should contain the overall structure of the power point, and elements that will be included in the final power point.
  • The outline should also have the sequencing of the presentation included in it.
  • The outline will be submitted Power Point Project Outline Assignment in Class Session 2, and the instructor will provide feedback and guidance for the next stage of the power point project.
  • This assignment is pass/fail; if an outline is submitted, the full 10 points will be awarded.

Refer to the Power Point Project Rubric in the Rubrics folder in the Resources tab for further information on grading requirements.

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