Power Point on plan to approach angel investor

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Develop a plan to approach an “angel investor” for funding a new small business. Include at a minimum the following:

  • an elevator speech
  • pertinent business plan information for large capital asset requirements
  • a determination of how much capital the company will need and in what time frame
  • attracting venture capital and the benefits of “angel investors” over other forms of investment
  • government aid available
  • valuation of the small business
  • based on the type of business you selected for your Project, evaluate legal issues such as the types of ownership, liabilities, and compliance with laws

Present your information in at least an 8-slide PowerPoint presentation with notes and reference page, cite at least 4 resources, including feasibility analyses, business plans, and valuation of the business.


Be sure that you have all of the necessary components as set forth in the portfolio rubric. Spend time to assure that the formatting complies with  APA Formatting.

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