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Here is my classmate post blog i need you respond to him by your opinion if you agree or not in 250 words


After looking back, and reviewing, my original assessment on how I feel about writing, I can say that I have gained a better understanding of it.  I still believe that it takes a special individual to really grasp every concept of writing.  I know there is no such thing as a perfect writer, but I give kudos to anyone who is even close to being a great writer.  Before this class I didn’t realize the amount of detail that goes into writing a paper, even something as simple as this blog.  Another thing that I have learned is noticing the different styles of writing that people have.  I didn’t understand the purpose of doing these blogs every week, but now I see there was a purpose in them for me.  By completing the blog assignment, I have noticed that even when you are writing about the same subject, perspective and verbiage can change from one person to another.


Prior to beginning this class, anytime I was required to write something, I cringed at the mere thought of it.  Honestly, even  after going through this class, I still do.  What I can say is that I appreciate the knowledge that I have gained from it.  I know my children will have many papers to write, and they will be required to do so in many different formats. By talking this course, I believe that when they come to me for help, I will have a basic understanding of what they need. Because of which I will be better equipped to help them.  


One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that writing offers you the opportunity to express feelings inside of you that are normally hard to pull out.  As I am writing this I recognize that I have learned more than what I thought I would.  As I continue to pursue my degree, I will use this class as a reference when I completing  other writing assignments.  I am very appreciative for the knowledge I have acquired.

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