For this assignment, you are going to complete your digital website portfolio. Using the layout style ( see attached file ) Make sure to use the layout prepared. Also, create a new PDF portfolio to include all elements presented in the website portfolio. This new portfolio should at least include the following:


  • A cover sheet
  • Your personal information and career goals
  • A generic cover letter
  • Your résumé
  • All your portfolio materials


Grading Criteria


Added specific portfolio elements to the website portfolio


Created a new PDF portfolio with all identified elements.  **Important


Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary.


Cited all sources using APA format




Part II



Revise and complete your complete portfolio. Take the items listed below and put them in a compressed or zipped folder:




  • A completely filled out Portfolio Audit Form
  • Your PDF portfolio
  • The folder containing your digital website portfolio along with the URL where the site can be viewed live
  • At least one sample of a representative project you completed in a previous course
  • A 1-page self-reflection report in Microsoft Word to summarize your experience in preparing your website portfolio




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