The population growth reached 7, 319,118,



The population growth reached 7, 319,118, +++ currently. The projection is that will reach 9.6 billion by 2050. Please view the clock:


T. Malthus and K. Marx have predicted significant problems with growing population when the world’s population was about 1 billion. We know that different population growth rates have different implications. There is correlation between increased industrialization and reduced growth population. Countries with rapid population growth rates have to cope with increased numbers of people among whom to share resources; this can result in a declining standard of living, in political instability, conflicts, severe repression by governments, wars, etc.

Of course, technological advances, green revolution, global economy, etc. can help to overcome limitations of natural resources, and redistribution of world's wealth may reduce economic poverty, help in development of many countries.


Do you think Earth can support 8 or 10 billion people?

Is resolving this issue more relevant to most industrialized nations or developing countries? Why?

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