POLS 441 Interest Groups


7-9 pages double spaced (or single-spaced up to you).


            Don’t simply rephrase what was in your PPT presentation—you should provide additional information based on your individual research.




(1)  Introduce your topic and identify the relevant groups associated with the area

(2)  focus on one or two groups in your area (up to you, one is ok).

(3)  Clearly state your thesis in the introduction and conclusion (it should be based on the nature of their political influence).

(4)  Provide a theoretical framework for your paper (based on the literature).

(5)  Discuss the historical development of the group (what were the origins?)

(6)  identify whether they function as a larger “umbrella” group or work how they organize their political activity

(7)  measure their impact on policy in off-election years

a.       what strategies do they use?

b.      How do they directly or indirectly influence policy or policymaker?

c.       What major or specific legislation did they lobby for or against? Be specific.


(8)  What is the nature of their political activity during election years?

(9)  How much money do they spend (are they connected to PACS or “superpacs”)? Lobbyist?

(10)                     What is the nature of their political activity in the current election cycle (primaries). What other recent developments can you identify?

(11)                     What conclusions can you draw about the influence of your group/groups


You should cite references and have at least 5 academic sources in your presentations (not counting the textbook)


****Make sure to use other sources beyond your PPT presentation. For example, if you relied on opensecrets.org or the corporation website provide an additional source to verify claims made on these sites. 


please see the atachment and write about these topics


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