Political Science Discussion


Textbook source: http://www.ablongman.com/draper_rh/draper_1.pdf

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the class on this discussion board. 

Instead of just telling us your name, major, etc., please also share with us your idea of a "Good Society."

  • Do you agree with the Capabilities Approach, as presented in Chapter 1?
  • Do you agree with one of the other approaches discussed in Chapter 1?
  • Or do you have different thoughts as to the meaning of a "Good Society?"

In future discussion board posts, you will be expected to use and cite sources, including the textbook. As this is the first week and not all of you will have the textbook by the end of the week, this is the ONLY discussion board where you aren't expected to formally use and cite sources. If you do have the textbook, please use it to support your argument! If you do outside research and/or use other sources, please cite those as well.


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