Please compose an answer of approximately 20 lines in the formal academic style. This includes omitting first person singular and second person point-of-view, and making ideas, poems and poets the subjects of sentences. Quote, or paraphrase, from the poems to help support the claims made at the beginning of the essay.**


 From your reading of the poetry in this unit, what do you see as the core values of Early English society? Remember that spoken poetry was used to communicate important social messages, especially before writing and print culture were dominant forms of communication. Most of these poems were passed on through memory and speech before they were available in print, and even after early print culture developed, people expected poetry to teach them about values, morality and religion. How would these poems have helped people learn the values and principles that were important in their society? (20 Lines)


The poems can be found below:

Read 3-4 poems, (not the 1st two or three) and base it on this.

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