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I want you to write about Freedom of speech with minimum 1500 words and minimum of 6 sources. I would like you to include a thesis statement and topic sentences in every paragraph. Also, I would like you to disguise the limits of the freedom of speech and are the people have their freedom of speech in USA, are they speaking out loud without danger. Are the people finding someone to be heard their speeches and are there times when limits should be placed on freedom of speech? and who decides? also please put 3 reputable quotes from the sources on the essay. Usa MLA format and write as an international student. And it is an argumentative essay. Please use as many as it takes of COUNTER ARGUMENT, so it can shows the different opinions. Remember to use transition words to transfer from idea of paragraph to another. and in the end of the essay after the work cited page write for me one paragraph describing the counter argument for the essay please ( it is not including the 1500 words).

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