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Codes of Ethics

From education to religion, the use of ethical practice codes is widespread in civil society. Codes of ethics form the bedrock of professional activity in many health care careers.


To prepare for this Discussion, review the three codes of ethics (Hippocratic Oath, American Association of Medical Assistance, and Principles of Medical Ethics: American Medical Association) in "Appendix 1" of the Lewis and Tamparo text. Select one of the codes that best reflects your personal philosophy.

Post by Thursday October 13, 2016 a 400 word, comprehensive response to the following:

• Which of the three codes of ethics listed best reflects your personal philosophy? Why?

• What roles do codes of ethics play in health care?

• What factors impact your own personal code of ethics?




Support your work with proper APA citations from the Learning Resources and any other sources.


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  • Codes of ethics
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